Pet Tinctures - 800mg CBD per 30mL (25mg/mL)

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CBD Pet Tinctures 800mg/Bottle (30mL) - 26mg/ml

Is your dog walking a little slower than he/she used to? Are they not as playfull as they once were? These are often just chalked up to a dog being older in age, but all of that playing in their younger years takes a toll on their body! Give your pup a boost with our CBD treats. 

Give them a try, isnt your best friend worth it?

These products are edible for human consumption, we wouldn't add something that we couldnt eat ourselves.


    For 50# Dog - Give 1-2 Droppers Daily (If you are not seeing results try an additional dropper full)

    For Cats - Start with one dropper and increase as necessary


    Bacon: Wheat Germ Oil, THC FREE CBD Distillate, Bacon Flavoring Extract

    Salmon: Salmon/Haddock Oil, THC FREE CBD Distillate

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