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E1 Kush CBD FLOWER - Greenhouse Grown

Pre Roll Packages come in 3.5g boxes with 10 pieces. These packs are great for the CBD Smoker that is looking for a quick smoke (0.35g/piece) while still getting all of 25mg CBD per pre-roll.

These Packages come in two varieties at this time:

E1 Kush Hemp is a potent Indica cannabis. The effects are relatively mellow and relaxing. You can expect a mildly uplifted effect to begin before the calming effect eases in. Kush is great in appearance with large, dense flowers giving off a fruity but slightly gassy smell.

T1 Hemp  Its effects are mostly controlled and relaxed, allowing a sense of calm without sedation. Skunky and sweet, T1 Trump is the perfect combination of its parent strains. The Wife’s floral sweetness plus the Afghan Skunk’s pungent scent come together to create an interesting blend of flavors. The hints of citrus and berry come out strong at the start, but they’re soon engulfed by the skunky bitterness of earth and wood. Towards the end of the drag, subtle notes of cheese and pepper fleck the flavor to add a third dimension to its dynamic taste. Then as you exhale, the T1 Trump lingers around the mouth and lips, leaving behind traces of its lighter, fruity flavors laced by subtle notes of bitterness.


CBD Content has tested in at >8% with a compliant THC level. (These exact results may vary slightly per bud)


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